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Blockchain mining is computationally in-depth work that requires a lot of time and processing power. Blockchain miners are rewarded for providing solutions to challenging math problems via blockchain technology. A proper blockchain project is a decentralized network that can be used by anyone and is capable of running applications with no possibility of downtime, censorship or fraud. We only support truly decentralized blockchain projects.


our PoW hash power

  • 25 GH/s Ethereum 

  • 110 Gh/s Random X

  • 10 Ph/s SHA-256

  • 187 Th/s Kadena

  • 54 Th/s HNS | SIA

our PoS power

  • Ethereum 2.0

  • Livepeer

  • Synthetix

  • Curve

  • Uniswap

  • Aave


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